Sustainability Tech: C.H. Robinson VP Stephen Ly | Value Chain Asia

The stance of Stephen Ly and C.H. Robinson is a testament that making eco-conscious decisions benefits the present the future.

Integrating technological advancements in supply chain and logistics operations renders a boost in efficiency and resilience. Stephen Ly’s and C.H. Robinson‘s stance, one of the world’s top logistics service providers, is a testament that making eco-conscious decisions drives a shift that benefits not only the present but also the future. 

Stephen travels across Asia as the Vice President (VP) of Southeast Asia and Global Forwarding Business. Mainly, overseeing the strategy on business expansion, increasing profit while ensuring the deployment as well as optimization of C.H. Robinson’s resources. 

Logistics in motion

Having an intensive range of experiences in diverse markets, Stephen underscores that the logistics industry has a transformative nature. Wherein, networks unlock doors to business and personal opportunities. 

C.H. Robinson provides insights, technology as well as supply chain efficiencies to shippers, ushering sustainability. Among said initiatives is the integration of their Navisphere® into transportation management systems (TMS). They also make use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for online marketplaces. 

In regards, he underscored that they embody sustainability in their company values, belief in doing the right thing, and their mission to improve the world’s supply chains and drive long-term business success.

Every year, C.H. Robinson engages in billions of digital transactions. According to Stephen, this is because they are the world’s most- connected logistics platform and that they help drive not only innovation but also intelligence across the industry.

Achieving resilience in Asia with C.H. Robinson

Due to varying topographies and weather conditions, ushering business operations in certain parts of Asia can be challenging. Stephen noted that the susceptibility to economic disruptions rendered the complexity of supply chains in the said region.

For Stephen, the world has become more uncertain this post-pandemic, and black swan events are likely to be more frequent. Thus, C.H. Robinson expects the need for resilience and diversification will be critical in 2024.

The pursuit of social responsibility

Stephen emphasized the growing focus on social responsibility as a crucial part of corporate governance and business strategy. He shared data from the International Data Corporation (IDC), that 45% of Asian-based organizations will operationalize integrated sustainability in their supply chain. Such, he said, is indicative of a larger regional transformation. 

According to him, they consider sustainability as an essential pillar of their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). He shares that sustainability sits at the intersection of stakeholder needs and business strategy.

Creation of strong ties and network management

C.H. Robinson leverages seamless communication and data exchange in the logistics ecosystem. This is how Stephen describes their integration of varying initiatives for an efficient and sustainable supply chain in Asia.

Their multimodal solutions utilize different transportation modes, covering air, ocean, rail, and truck. By having a broad range of transportation means, they can provide flexibility and scalability in accommodating their clients. 

They also tailor-fit their approach accordingly to reduce carbon footprint and enhance logistics and cost efficiency. Stephen believes that being able to adapt is key in facing different situations. For him, the dynamic realm of the logistics industry made coping with distinct cultures, nuances, and language variations imperative.

A recent initiative was their participation in the World Economic Forum and the Smart Freight Centre. Into which they aim to produce a book and claim chain of custody for road transportation. Notably, the framework enables companies to gain opportunities and solutions that cater to emission concerns globally.

Rearing success and societal impact

Stephen deems that his experiences in different markets are a culmination of his success as a global leadership awardee. He considers his work in the Philippines as one of the heights of his career. Back then, he successfully transformed a logistics branch into a top-performing business.

he said.

Now, Stephen is keen on making C.H. Robinson go beyond conventional logistics solutions. Alongside, he recognizes the importance of having an awareness of the impact of one’s action on their company, people, community, planet, and future.