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Global logistics service operator J&T Express experiences a significant boost in operation during the Lunar New Year in China and SEA.

Global logistics service operator J&T Express experiences a significant boost in operation during the Lunar New Year in several key markets in China and Southeast Asia (SEA).

Said provider utilizes an innovative business model that combines unified standards with a high degree of regional autonomy. This model balances service quality and flexible decision-making, reduces costs, and enables localized and efficient development in each market.

Data from J&T Express reveals that over the said period, its average daily parcel delivery time in China improved. It increased by approximately 5% compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, the average daily delivery rate increased by approximately 17% year-on-year.

In Singapore, there has been an 81% year-on-year increase in parcel volume. This is alongside a 9% improvement in average delivery time efficiency. Similarly, in Malaysia, it’s parcel volume surged by approximately 54% year-on-year.

With its self-developed JMS system, J&T Express is able to integrate and manage the full lifecycle of shipments. Such include from order placement and collection to settlement, ensuring efficient operations in each market.

Moreover, aside from an extensive and comprehensive logistics network across multiple countries, the company has coupled its year-round collaboration with e-commerce platforms and expertise in operating.

J&T Express has significantly leveraged its hardware and personnel. The company has also updated its delivery fleet in key markets to meet the challenges of delivering shipments during the holiday season.

For instance, J&T Express Vietnam added over 3,000 delivery personnel before the Lunar New Year, and upgraded more than 100 service points, expanding the operational area by over 7,000 square meters.

Additionally, at the end of December 2023, J&T Express Vietnam officially received 140 new trucks from THACO AUTO. Said upgrade of the company’s truck fleet will aid the company in meeting the growing demand for deliveries during holiday seasons. Notably, creating significant benefits for its customers with guaranteed service quality and capacity.

J&T Express has expanded its express delivery business globally. Such includes Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa, China, and the SEA. Currently, the company provides express delivery services in 13 countries.

According to Frost & Sullivan, J&T Express was SEA’s No. 1 express delivery operator. The company’s parcel volume 2022 had the highest market share in China.

J&T Express is committed to enhancing its global logistics network while continuously improving service quality and operational efficiency. The company is eager to establish collaborative partnerships with new industry leaders to deliver high-quality logistics solutions for customers worldwide.

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