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TVS SCS GFS strengthens its SEA presence, onboards Chua | Value Chain Asia

TVS SCS GFS strengthens its SEA presence, onboards Chua | Value Chain Asia

TVS SCS covers a wide-range of arenas, from freight forwarding to integrated supply chain solutions services.

With TVS Supply Chain Solutions Global Forwarding Solutions (SCS GFS) eyeing a boost in business operations across Southeast Asia (SEA), industry veteran Jessica Chua became its Head of Sales in June.   

“TVS SCS GFS has significant capabilities in intra-Asia supply chain and logistics and impressive credentials in air freight from Europe. We want to leverage these strengths to make TVS SCS Singapore the partner of choice for companies doing business in Southeast Asia,”

Chua shared.

She is in charge of TVS SCS GFS’ presence in Singapore (SG) and the expansion of SG’s Sales Team. For her, the autonomy to build effective resources as well as a flat management structure, will make decision-making faster. 

On starting fresh

Industry veteran Chua frontlines the boosting of TVS SCS GFS' operations across Southeast Asia as she takes on the Head of Sales position.

Chua decided to pursue the opportunities that come with her appointment at TVS SCS GFS. She considers the shift as a professional and personal career progression means where she pushes herself to the limits and broadens exposure.

“TVS SCS GFS offered me a Country Sales Leader role which is an expanded position from my former employment. There were mixed feelings of exciting times ahead together with nervousness and anticipation to start fresh in a new environment,”

Chua said.

Moreover, Chua shared how TVS SCS GFS varied from her previous work organizations. The said supply chain solutions provider has a century-worth of legacy from its beginnings in India.

“There is so much scalability in terms of visibility and awareness to let more people know about the TVS brand and our supply chain solutions in the logistics scene in time to come,”

Chua noted. 

TVS SCS GFS’ motto is trust, value, and services in serving its local and major clients. There is a wide range of arenas covered by TVS SCS, from freight forwarding to integrated supply chain solutions services. To date, the largest fraction of their market share covers the automotive industry. 

Perspectives on recruitment and technology

From Chua’s point of view, there is a need to be resilient and not give up easily. Every day presents itself differently. For her, the important thing is to show up.

“Hiring quality talent that meets our cultural and performance criteria is challenging in today’s market situation,”

Chua shared in line with her aim to attract more human assets in TVS SCS GFS. 

She emphasized that TVS SCS wants to attract talents who are passionate about selling and keen on joining the dynamic logistics industry. In regards, Chua acknowledges the use of technology in recruitment and workflows.

“Previously, logistics was seen as a conservative essential service industry. However, this is no longer the case. Innovative technologies and the expansion of international markets have redefined the sector, creating new opportunities for talented and ambitious individuals to make their mark and to build a career in a global industry,”

according to her. 

Such holds true within a highly dynamic and fast-paced environment of people in different time zones who may work long hours. Wherein, technology can aid in communication across multiple sectors or regions and make the end-to-end supply chain visible.

“We have utilized virtual meetings, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce to enhance business continuity,”

she shared.

Mindset of a champion

Before joining TVS SCS GFS, Chua had worked for giants such as DB Schenker, DHL, and FedEx Express. For her, time management is a crucial element in carrying out initiatives.

According to her, if you want to be more productive, you need to be a master of your minutes. Chua encourages the planning of one’s day ahead to achieve effective results. 

“It’s important to plan so you can reach your goals,”

she emphasized. 

As a a successful woman trailblazer, she also promotes diversity in the workplace. With the apparent male-dominated industry, she noted the need for more women leaders in the workforce. 

Chua’s work mantra is “Push yourself harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.”

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