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MiR, KVC debuts AI-powered Autonomous Mobile Robots in Malaysia

MiR, KVC debuts AI-powered Autonomous Mobile Robots in Malaysia

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Denmark-based manufacturing firm Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) and KVC Industrial Supplies jointly debuted two artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in Malaysia at the three-day SEMICON SEA 2024 held on May 28 to 30.

The MiR (Mobile Industrial Robot) 1200 Pallet Jack and MiR250 are two “intelligent, best-of-class” AMR solutions, bringing efficient automation and empowering valuable human capital in Malaysia.

Innovative solutions like AMRs allow manufacturers to adapt swiftly to changing production demands and workloads, fostering a safe and engaging environment that attracts and retains skilled workers.

Manufactured in Denmark, the MiR AMRs are powerful and capable of effectively addressing complex automation challenges in regions where manpower is increasingly scarce. 

With the launch targeted at Southeast Asia’s manufacturing hubs, these AMRs are particularly relevant for Malaysia, the world’s sixth-largest semiconductor exporter, holding 7% of the global market share.


The MiR1200 Pallet Jack sets new standards for automated pallet logistics as it addresses many challenges faced by businesses when moving towards automating material handling in dynamic and complex environments.

AI-powered MiR1200 can efficiently transport and deliver heavy pallets up to 1,200kg in industrial environments. Photo from Mobile Industrial Robots

Real pallets are often not in very good condition, likely damaged, painted or covered in shrink wrap. 

Autonomous pallet jacks must detect and recognize them and this is one of the limitations of traditional pallet solutions, leading to missed picks and transportation bottlenecks. 

The AI-powered MiR 1200 Pallet Jack has five cameras, 300-degree coverage, and intelligence in the algorithm to overcome this challenge. It can rapidly and precisely recognize pallets, even when covered with shrink wrap or not being placed in the correct position, minimizing missed picks, reducing pick and place times, ensuring reliable performance and lowering operating costs. 


MiR250, meanwhile, is a fast, safe, agile and compact AMR. 

It can travel at 7.2 kph and is lower and narrower than most AMRs. This enables it to smoothly and efficiently navigate tight spaces such as door openings as small as 80 cm, small elevators and under tables, making them very useful in environments without much infrastructural change.

Due to its small footprint and low height, the Mir25O can navigate tight spaces with ease. Photo from Mobile Industrial Robots

It also charges quickly reaching 80% charge within one hour and can operate for up to 13 hours on a single charge. The batteries can be swapped in just two minutes, minimizing downtime and supporting 24/7 operation, improving productivity and efficiency. 

The MiR250 is built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, minimizing unforeseen maintenance and repair costs.

MiR Vice President of Sales Asia Pacific Tang Poi Toong recognized KVC Industrial Supplies’ expertise in electrical solutions distribution.

“We are delighted to welcome KVC Industrial Supplies to the MiR family and confident that our collaboration will bring efficient automation and empower valuable human capital in many Malaysia companies that have such vision and needs immediate and near-term needs,” he said.

KVC Industrial Supplies, a leader in industrial supplies in Malaysia for over three decades, is the newest addition to the MiR network of partners.

“We are witnessing a dynamic shift of focus from labor-intensive tasks,” Ko Cheng Han, executive director of KVC Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd said. “Through a series of thorough evaluations, partnering MiR checked off an extensive list of functional, operational, maintainability and scalability criteria. MiR embraces and integrates the various industries and applications needed in its fleet of AMRs.”

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