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Explore next gen manufacturing at SCL Indonesia 2023

Explore next gen manufacturing at SCL Indonesia 2023

Now on its 3rd edition, SCL Indonesia is happening on May 3-4 at Jakarta, Indonesia and highlighting next gen manufacturing.

On its 3rd edition, Supply Chain and Logistics (SCL) Indonesia is happening on May 3 to 4 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Hundreds of delegates from varied sectors will be at the event to have a dip on next gen manufacturing. The joiners are part of the 3PL, automotive, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, technology, warehousing, and distribution sectors.

More importantly, business media company Infinity Expo has set its sights on spearheading an event that leverages the optimization of supply chains. In this case, digitalization plays a key role in the unique position of Indonesia in the global scene.

The main agendas of SCL Indonesia are “Supply Chain Management” and “Digitising Logistics and Supply Chains in Indonesia.” Notably, there are more than ten speakers, all leading figures in their fields, who will share their insights during the event. The panel includes consulting and academician speakers.

SCL Indonesia 2023 is among the events brought by Infinity Expo in different countries. It was in line with the company’s marketing plans that renders sales. Infinity Expo’s portfolio covers the logistics, rehabilitation, manufacturing, technology, supply chain, and multimodal sectors.

Prior SCL Indonesia events took place in 2018 and 2019. Industry users, exhibitors, sponsors, as well as service and solution providers are once again welcome to join the event.

As such, there will be a dynamic discussion of standpoints. Hence, some of the benefits of being part of the event include knowing global trends, best practices, Industry 4.0, and sales of products.

Also, the event serves as a channel of discourse, new opportunities, and brand promotion. Individuals with similar interests in the supply chain industry or next gen manufacturing can gain insights and network with others. Overall, the event will cater to professionals worldwide and anyone who’s interested to join.

Visit SCL Indonesia’s official website at and register!

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