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Delta Electronics launches smart manufacturing solutions at SEMICON SEA 2024

Delta Electronics launches smart manufacturing solutions at SEMICON SEA 2024

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In its bid to support the semiconductor industry’s move toward a smart manufacturing future, Delta Electronics launched its next-generation smart manufacturing solutions at the SEMICON SEA 2024 held on May 28 to 30 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Key solutions presented by Delta include semiconductor machines, smart factory manufacturing, energy infrastructure and data centers.

According to Delta Singapore/Malaysia country manager Jimmy Wan, this is part of Delta’s commitment to providing “smart, high-precision and high-speed solutions to fulfill the diverse demands of [its] semiconductor customers.”

Take a look at the Delta solutions launched during the SEMICON SEA 2024:

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Focusing on the semiconductor industry, Delta said it provides smart manufacturing solutions that converge Operational Technology, Edge, and Information Technology layers, which integrate self-developed automated equipment, machine networking, visualization platform and Manufacturing Execution System.

Delta said such solutions can monitor production progress, product quality, equipment real-time status, warehouse and logistics for effective key performance indicator management and smart factory fulfillment.

It added that consulting, system optimization and integration services are also available for customers.

Machine Demonstration: Advanced Packaging Assembly Solution

Delta also introduced the High-Speed Wafer Feeder, the “world’s fastest rapid exchange multi-die feeder,” seamlessly integrated with Universal’s FuzionSC™ Platform, culminating in the ultimate multi-die solution.

According to Delta, its capabilities include ample wafer capacity to minimize replenishment rate, high-speed operation to meet volume requirements accommodation for multiple die types, maximizing utilization and support for large substrates.

It is reported to potentially reduce manufacturing costs and has the ability to handle thin die, maximizing sub-100-micron yields.

Machine Demonstration: High-Speed and High-Accuracy Z-Axis Solution

Delta’s Linear Pocket Actuator LPL Series, combined with the AC Servo System’s customized development platform for precise pick-and-place and press motion, enables precise movement control for soft landing at high speed.

Delta said this avoids fragile material breakage and further enhances production efficiency.

“A key advantage of this solution is the enhancement of total operational speed and efficiency while achieving precise control. The solution is also highly compatible and can develop a wide range of applications according to customer needs,” Delta said in a press release.

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